Along with exercising and eating healthy, I really enjoy a good book. I don't really have a specific genre that I enjoy, but I do enjoy series. I will be putting some books on here that I really enjoy and discussing which one I enjoyed and ones that were not so enjoyable!

I have just finished reading P.S. I love you by Cecelia Ahern. Hands down she is my new favorite author, and hands down (what does that mean?) one of my new favorite books. It was one of those books that I could not put down and I felt like I wanted to live right next door to the women so I could help her through the stuggles. Cecelia really is such an amazing writer, and is very good at making you cry and laugh!

I won't give away a lot but I am just going to say it is so much different than the movie, actually they are totally different besides the fact of the one really important fact, but other than that you can not say the movie is based off of the book, because it is not even the same. The book is so much better, but you really cant say that again, because they are so different! Ahh! Anyways the book is amazing and if you are looking for a good summer read I would really suggest reading this book!

**Has anyone ever read any of her other books?


I am going to sound like the biggest dork at the moment but I am fine with that! My all time favorite book series is.... Harry Potter!! I know its very dorky but, its what I love and you cant stop loving what you love!!


I am also huge Nicholas Sparks fan, The Wedding is probably my favorite book out of his series, along with The Notebook:)


Along with reading books I also enjoy reading cookbooks. Now this might sound strange but I enjoy finding new recipes and trying to tweak them to make them healthier. One of my favorite cook books is, Everyday Italian by Giada De Laurentiis. She already makes really healthy recipes, so its pretty hard to try and tweak hers. Sometimes she might fry something and I will bake it or broil it instead:)