Working out is something that I am super passionate about. I feel after working out I am in such a better mindset and that I could take on the world! (okay yes that was a little much but I really do feel invincible!)

This page will be dedicated to logging in my my workouts as well as sharing some of my most favorite plans to get you in the best shape! 

Disclaimer: I am in no way shape or form a doctor and these programs that I use works the best for me! Please do not try any of this if you are injured, sick, or just starting to working out! And make sure you adjust to your level, this is what works best for ME!

Week of May 2, 2011

Monday: 3 mile run@ 8:45, abs
Tuesday: 4 mile run @ 8:30, last .50 mile walked up hill, biked for 10, arms for 20
Wednesday: 5 mile run @ 8:30 min mile, sprinted the last .25 mile @10
Thursday: Quick-e!
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: 5k race, to the gym to work on arms and abs
Sunday: outside jog, @8:15 m/mi pace (5k)

This is one of my favorite workouts, it is really fast (an hour and 15 min or so), but I really feel I get super good results and its fun too because its fast! *I do this at the gym, so I am not outside running*

1. Run 2 miles @7.0 for the first mile, then pump up the speed every .25 by two speeds.
Mile 1: 7.0
Mile 1.25: 7.2
Mile 1.50: 7.4
Mile 1.75: 7.6
      If this is too fast/slow adjust to your needs! I also like to really see how fast I can go and I normally sprint the last .10 (1.90 mile), @ about 10 for me!

2. No break for me, I just jump right on the elliptical for 10 min. And I go hard on this and really try to push myself until my legs are about to fall off! For the first 5 min I switch it up every 1 min, either going forward or backwards for 1 min (My incline is at a 14 and my resistance is at a 7)
               6 min: pump up the incline to 15
               6.30 min: pump on the resistance to 8
I keep doing this until the 10 minutes are up and then I about fall off the machine:)

3. I bike for 100 calories. The only reason I do the 100 calories is because I use this on the machine as a sprinter gauge.
            For the first 10 calories I have the bike on 5 resistance and I am really sprinting as fast as I can
            For the next 10 calories I have the bike on 10 resistance and I slow it down but still give it my all
**I do this until I reach 100!

4. After all of the cardio I go straight into weights and body resistance.

a) Curl ups with a 20lb bar: 10 reps
a)Squats with 5lbs: 10 reps
*set a) I do 3 times

b) Step up's with 10lb in each hand: 10 reps on each leg
b) Cross Overs with 10lb: 10 reps each arm
*set b) I do 2 times
*Cross Overs: hold a weight in each arm and with the left arm move your arm the opposite side of your body so the weight touches your right shoulder.

c) Sitting against the wall for 30 sec
c) Gun Show with 8lb: 10 reps
*set c) I do 3 times
*Gun Show: hold your weight in your hands and raise the weights so you make an U with your arms (or a football post), then start to raise your weights so they click at the top!

d)100 cruches on the ball, just going forward.

I really hope you enjoy this quick workout as much as I do. Feel free to change it as you please!