Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just Smile:)

So this morning on my way to class, I commute into Columbus, I needed to stop and get gas. When I saw how much gas was $3.56!! I was very upset and just hated paying that much for gas. Now I just want to say at this point I am normally a very happy person, but after seeing how much I was going to pay I was in an uggg mood, and felt I had the right to be! Anyways, a man was next me, when he had finished pumping his gas he leaned over and told me, "you look my daughter.. always grumpy, smile" At first I was in shock.. wouldn't you be?!? So I just smiled and laughed it off.
The rest of the commute however I was very upset even after his comment! What if I had just found out some bad news, or what if I was sick? I just felt that sometimes you should keep comments to yourself!
Question: Has anyone ever said anything to you that made you upset, and you knew they were out of place?
Once I arrived to school I had to buy a book and this clicker thing... So I spent another $200! This morning is not going well at all!! I am just excited for my run this evening, and making a big bowl of whole wheat pasta! That put a smile on my face:)
Question: What are some pick me ups that you do when your down on your luck??

Salted Carmel Pretzel

Good Morning! I am in a great mood this morning, last night my friends Betsy and Dakota got together for a cupcake party! Betsy went to DC this weekend and brought back cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes. They were sooooo good!!! I tried the Salted Carmel Pretzel. Enough said.. it was sooo good!!! Before going over to Betsy's house I went to the Y and ran, in preparation for the Flying Pig! I was planning on running on 4 miles, but instead my IT band decided to play games and I was only able to run 3:( So the last mile I "ran" on the elliptical. This took me about 10 min.
Question: If you set a goal and cant reach it what do you do instead?
So yesterday my first class went really well, Microbiology 509, not the most fun but interesting all the same! Today my class is Human Nutrition 313, which I am really excited for because its about food from all countries!
I again plan on running about 5 o'clock tonight, and this time, cross my fingers, I can run the 4 miles with no interruptions from the IT band!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Flying Pig's

So as I have said before I am very active but the one in which I have the most passion for is running. Yesterday afternoon I signed up for my first 10K!! I have done other runs before but never at this distance, so of course I am super pumped! The race is called the Flying Pig in Cincinnati, OH. I run all the time so I feel like I should be prepared for the run but for some reason I am kind of nervous because it is less than a month away. At the same time though I feel this is okay because then that means I get to try harder in a shorter amount of time, and I work better under pressure anyways!
Other than this exciting news, I have nothing really going on. I plan on working out today around 5 because today is the first day of class:( and then this evening I am going over to friend Betsy's. She was in DC this weekend and somehow she got a dozen cupcakes from the show DC cupcakes on TLC and so I am going to go try some! Have a great afternoon!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

First Blog!!

Well this is my first official blog for Running for life!!! I am sooo excited!! I have so many wonderful things to share, and I can't wait to here all about all of your guys wonderful experience to share with me and others as well! Add Image
To start off I would like to tell you a little about myself... I am a Junior at The Ohio State University studying human nutrition. With this said, I have not officially taken the dietary test so anything I refer to is my own personal experience in how I exercise and eat:)
So I first decided to start blogging because I really wanted to meet new people and find people who have the same interests as me. The town I grew up in is very small, and is mostly farm land, so not a lot of people share the same interests as me, so by blogging I felt that I could really connect with other people:)
So I wanted to really dive in and tell you all about myself in this blog so here it goes. I was first introduced to running about 4 years ago, and let me tell you.. I hated it very much. I would dread running, this was until I ran my first 5K. This race changed my life! It was just a small race at my church but it gave me this runners high and this energy that I had never felt before, it was AMAZING! Since then I have been unstoppable, literally! I have really started focusing on speed and time and running the fasts 5K, I love speed and I love when I beat at PR!
Along with running, I am very much in tune with the fuel that my body needs. I know what make me feel good before and after a race or run, and I know the snacks and meals that give me my energy throughout the day. Although it might sound like I am obsessed with eating only certain things, I really do love trying new and exciting foods! My diet however is mainly Mediterranean, which is a mixture of fish, chicken, loads of veggies and fruit, whole grains, nuts, and EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)! These types of food make me feel good inside and out and I feel this is the best type of lifestyle to live because its not a diet, it just a way of life that is actually good for you and tastes amazing!!!!!

Well I hope you all enjoyed this post, I am going to try and write at least once a day, however I am a college student and we know how life can get some times! Have a wonderful day! Cheers!