Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just Smile:)

So this morning on my way to class, I commute into Columbus, I needed to stop and get gas. When I saw how much gas was $3.56!! I was very upset and just hated paying that much for gas. Now I just want to say at this point I am normally a very happy person, but after seeing how much I was going to pay I was in an uggg mood, and felt I had the right to be! Anyways, a man was next me, when he had finished pumping his gas he leaned over and told me, "you look my daughter.. always grumpy, smile" At first I was in shock.. wouldn't you be?!? So I just smiled and laughed it off.
The rest of the commute however I was very upset even after his comment! What if I had just found out some bad news, or what if I was sick? I just felt that sometimes you should keep comments to yourself!
Question: Has anyone ever said anything to you that made you upset, and you knew they were out of place?
Once I arrived to school I had to buy a book and this clicker thing... So I spent another $200! This morning is not going well at all!! I am just excited for my run this evening, and making a big bowl of whole wheat pasta! That put a smile on my face:)
Question: What are some pick me ups that you do when your down on your luck??

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