Sunday, April 10, 2011

Throwing My Money Away!

Well I have had one of the most craziest, scary, weird, mad, depressing, exciting weekends. I never thought I would put any of those words together but I guess this post proved me wrong! So I decided for my 21st birthday with my extended family to go gambling. My grandparents love to gamble and I thought it would be fun to go:) So it was my parents, 4 grandparent, 1 aunt, 1 boyfriend and me. Let me tell you it was an strange arrangement of people! We went to this place in Indiana called the HOLLYWOOD! It was really cool and kinda reminded me of Vegas haha. So we started playing and all went our separate ways, and guess what happened to me? No I didn't win a 1 million dollars, no I did not get a free drink. I got my wallet stolen! Long story short cameras, video surveillance, special agents, security guards, the whole 9 yards were trying to track down my wallet. I cried twice, almost got sick once, but I guess you could say it ended well because they caught the women and I pressed charges. I was so mad at her for taking my wallet, who does that!!???  Anyways I could be going back to Indiana soon, so lets all cross our fingers!

Have you ever had something stolen but got it back? 

Anyways, I have been training really hard for this 10k, this is my first 10k ever I am kinda nervous but at the same time super excited! I am going to start writing more about running and tips that work well for me, and I have also decided since I am going to be an RD soon, to start blogging about my food, I figure this could help people out their!

This morning for breakfast I had a bowl of oats will 2 scoops of sugar free blackberry jam and a splash of  skim milk:) This is my go to breakfast, it is very filling due to the fiber, and it holds me over until lunch. Which is just what I need when I have a pile of school work to do this morning!! Have a great afternoon!

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