Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why I Dont Like the Gym

The gym (aka the YMCA), use to be my best friend.

I loved going to run on the 'mill, take a 7 mile bike ride on the stationary bike and head over for some free weights and abs. I did this same routine for about 2 years.

Well like I said yesterday, I have become obsessed with my Garmin. It has made me become a new athlete, I feel almost like a better athlete. Running outside and biking outside as been so much better for my body, mind and soul.

So this morning when I went to the gym I had the mindset of how I use to do my regular routine. But as I was running ont the 'mill I realized that I wanted to be outside. I was jealous of the people that I saw running outside I wanted to be them!

Another reason I was not too keen on the gym this morning is because of the people. Normally I am fine with people, I am a people person! Really I am! But this morning I knew that guy that was working and he wanted to talk forever, and then he started to talk to me when I was running! Who does that?! So I had to stop at 2.5 miles and it was such a great run too! So I did the free weights and some abs and decided to go back and finish the 1 mile I had left, well their were no 'mills left because of some women's group, I wanted 5 minutes and gave up.

This is why I wont be going back for a while!

So why did I run on the 'mill this morning? I asked myself the same question. I guess I did because I wanted to do some free weights and I can only do these when I go to the gym. May I should just invest in some weights and always do my workouts at home now?

When I first began to workout I need the motivation of the gym, but now that I can not think of myself with not working out, running, or biking everyday I guess I dont "need" that motivation??

I will figure it out either way!

I would now like to take the time to inform you about a slight problem in which I have encountered. My camera broke. It is tragic.

Yesterday Bruce and I went to this water park, Zoombezi Bay, and I was so excited to take pictures of us bathing and relaxing in the sun, but when I went to turn on the camera it did nothing but blink on and off. So I am going to check it out again today. Ugg.

Well I am off to cut the grass and look up my grades from the past quarter! So far I have an 2 A's but I feel the Microbio I will be getting a B:(

Question!! Do you like the Gym?? How do you feel when you go the gym? Do you like the outside better??? 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm Back!!

Wow!! It has been way to long since my last post! I have really missed writing and talking about my every day life, but that is exactly what made me get into mess of not writing.. LIFE!

I am a college student, and I have wacky hours this quarter and when I was not in school I was studying, and when I was not studying I was applying to internships (more on that in a sec!), and when I was not doing that I was RUNNING!

So a lot has happen in the last month or so, and every time something would happen I would just say to myself.. "gotta write this on the blog" (then epic fail, I never wrote). But I am done with the excuses, and I am going to write as much as I can!

So lets play so catch up shall we...

1) I bought the Garmin Foreunner 305. Enough said. It is amazing! Some how it makes me want to run even more, I am such a visual person and to see the pace, miles, time all in one watch it is amazing and I am so glad I bought it.

*This brings me to my first astrick, if you are thinking about buying a running watch of any sort, check out ebay. I know sometimes they can be iffy, but really if you find one that you like shoot the person an  email and maybe ask for some more pictures, or a better description of the watch. I did this and I was so happy because what the buyer showed me was exactly what I received!

2) I have not been able to take any pictures with my new best friend yet, but I am in a race this weekend so hopefully you will be able to see him in action! This brings me to my next topic. Races. I am obsessed I know I have talked in another post about  races but I do have issues. If I am not looking for races then I am just looking at races, and I look at peoples race times ect... Its bad, that is all I am going to say.

However, I can cross off one race this weekend. The Paddy's Pig 10k, I am really looking forward to this race because my boyfriend, Bruce, is also running it! He is more of a sports guy, like playing the sport for exercise. So running is always used, but he dose not just enjoy running with out doing something else. I am super proud of him for signing up, it will be a great time!

I have also signed up for my first ever.... HALF MARATHON! I am more excited for this then any race, I keep picturing myself running across that finish line and I just smile every time. I am more of a sprinter when it comes to running (hence I love 5k's and 10k's), so this is going to be a challenge for me, but I am really looking forward to it. It is not until October so I have some time to prepare, by the way its the Columbus Marathon and Half Marathon.

3) Next on the list is internship! I applied to Nestles internship program, and I have one! I am super pumped. This is not for my RD, but it still looks really good on my resume! I will be conducting a research project as well as testing out new technologies. I am super pumped!

4) I am now a senior in college. Wow.

5) I will be a 5th year senior. Ugg.

6) I will be going to Florida with some of my old roommates this summer around 4th of July and I am super excited!

Well this just about sums up everything that has happened these last couple of weeks, I will be more on top of things (taking pictures, writing), now that I am a free women from school!

** Check out my reading page.. I just read a new book!