Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why I Dont Like the Gym

The gym (aka the YMCA), use to be my best friend.

I loved going to run on the 'mill, take a 7 mile bike ride on the stationary bike and head over for some free weights and abs. I did this same routine for about 2 years.

Well like I said yesterday, I have become obsessed with my Garmin. It has made me become a new athlete, I feel almost like a better athlete. Running outside and biking outside as been so much better for my body, mind and soul.

So this morning when I went to the gym I had the mindset of how I use to do my regular routine. But as I was running ont the 'mill I realized that I wanted to be outside. I was jealous of the people that I saw running outside I wanted to be them!

Another reason I was not too keen on the gym this morning is because of the people. Normally I am fine with people, I am a people person! Really I am! But this morning I knew that guy that was working and he wanted to talk forever, and then he started to talk to me when I was running! Who does that?! So I had to stop at 2.5 miles and it was such a great run too! So I did the free weights and some abs and decided to go back and finish the 1 mile I had left, well their were no 'mills left because of some women's group, I wanted 5 minutes and gave up.

This is why I wont be going back for a while!

So why did I run on the 'mill this morning? I asked myself the same question. I guess I did because I wanted to do some free weights and I can only do these when I go to the gym. May I should just invest in some weights and always do my workouts at home now?

When I first began to workout I need the motivation of the gym, but now that I can not think of myself with not working out, running, or biking everyday I guess I dont "need" that motivation??

I will figure it out either way!

I would now like to take the time to inform you about a slight problem in which I have encountered. My camera broke. It is tragic.

Yesterday Bruce and I went to this water park, Zoombezi Bay, and I was so excited to take pictures of us bathing and relaxing in the sun, but when I went to turn on the camera it did nothing but blink on and off. So I am going to check it out again today. Ugg.

Well I am off to cut the grass and look up my grades from the past quarter! So far I have an 2 A's but I feel the Microbio I will be getting a B:(

Question!! Do you like the Gym?? How do you feel when you go the gym? Do you like the outside better??? 

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  1. Thanks for visiting our blog! I like being outside better than the gym any day!