Below is the story of my running adventure! But now I am going to switch somethings up and post on here each day how I am going to run in preparation for the half marathon. And here we go the first one! Wish me luck!




Run a total distance of 5 Mi. Your run should include:
- a warm up of about 1 mile at an easy pace
- 3 Mi at a pace of 8:21 per mile --- for a total time of 25:04.
- a cool down of about 1 mile at an easy pace
Note: Warm ups and cool downs are generally 1 mile each. But on some days, you'll need to make them longer to reach the total distance for your run.

Running is something that I had not done until about 3 years ago, I use to go through these running phases I would say. One day I would love to run the next day I would loath even the thought of running. I soon realized however that my body truly loved to run! So I decided to just suck it up and when my brain thought NO NO, my legs thought GO GO! After getting over this mental barrier I realized that I running cleared my mind and I was able to think more clearly I also learned how to breath when I ran. I know this sounds strange, but if you do not have a breathing pattern running can seem a lot harder! I normally breath in 4 and exhale 1 or 2. This works for me and it made me concentrate on the breathing and not so much the "running" aspect.

Some other things that I have realized though out running is you need a good play list! I need a beat, and once I get into this beat it feels like I am almost flying:) Its  a wonderful feeling! Some artist that are really helpful to obtain this beat for me are, Rihanna, Maroon 5, and I hate to admit it but I do listen to some inspirational Disney music:) hehe!

I have also found that clothing makes or break a run. For example I decided to wear pants and a cotton T shirt to run in one day when I was first starting to run. I soon realized that the T shirt was 1. to large 2. made of cotton so it was almost impossible to not feel like I was swimming in sweat! I also found that pants were not a great choice because they did not allow any air flow at all! So I would totally suggest investing in a good pair of stretch material capris or running shorts, and a good non sweat T shirt!

My last point is to make sure your taking in enough calories. If you start to realize that 2 miles is hard to run, and you normally run 2 miles with easy, your body may not be getting enough to eat. I am not saying to go and gorge yourself just because you started running, but maybe instead of the low calorie granola bar, maybe try a Cliff or a Luna bar. I found these to be really helpful, they are filling but at the same time super healthy for your body. 
Running is so great for mind, body, and soul. It allows you to push limits and to test what your body is made of. These tips are what is helpful for me, and what works for me. Please, please, please, talk to your Doctor or health care provider before starting any type of running or workout regiment.
Happy trails!

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