Friday, May 20, 2011

Boring Life

I have such a boring life I have decided. I read all of these other blogs and they are always doing something! I feel all I do is go to school, eat, workout, eat, sleep, run, work, eat, run,  work, eat, work.

So this leads me to trying to think of new blog posts and ways in which I can write about topics and less on thinking about how boring my life can be!

Question: What are some good blogging ideas?

However, in the last couple of days I have signed up for a few races (2 that is it). But I have a few more on the calendar that I have not signed up for but waiting to see if my credit card allows me!

So here is the low down...

1. Paddy's Pig 10k/5k (June 11)-- I am totally pumped for this one because Bruce is running with me! We have ran 3 races together and its so nice because its like my own little push each step of the way. Bruce is normally super nice and runs at my pace, but this year I have really stepped up my game and Bruce has, well... to put it nicely slowed down... so I have a plan to beat him! High hopes for me I know I have some odds against me (I am a girl for one and two he is an athlete so even if he does not run for years he would still beat me!) Anyways I am running the 10k and he is just running the 5k but either way I am pumped!

** I then have a break**

2. Oktoberfest Meiler Vier-Vier Meiler (September 20)-- This sounds really fun! It is a 4 miler in the heart of German Village and after the race you get free beer! Free sausage (yuck for me, yum for Bruce) Free cream puff! And once again Bruce and I are running in this together so I am very excited for the people, location, and after party!

So I am excited I always look forward to races, especially the T-shirts!

So today was a pretty successful day.. after class I decided to clean out the closet and bring out the summer clothes! In Ohio weather is really predictable (not), so I was kinda of nervous to switch over but I made it happen.

I had a weak moment however and I feel this is a good time to talk about it.

When I was switching over I started to see some of the clothes from when I was really skinny and sick. This made me want this body again. I fell into the trap and got really wrapped up in my looks and I was really vulnerable for a few minutes.

I then realized this "when I was skinny, I never saw myself as skinny, I still saw myself as fat", but those size 0 shorts are really tiny and the extra small shirt was tiny too. I then started to get mad at myself for never realizing this when I was this skinny.

Then I got upset when I realized that I was upset for never realizing this. I know confusing! So anyways in the end I decided to write a post to get all of my emotions out. This helped but I keep replaying when I held up those shorts and realized I was not that skinny anymore, I was mad at myself. I know this is the eating disorder speaking but I just want the eating disorder back at that point.

Okay so now that I went on that sad note.. lets turn it over to a happier one!

I have had a really good running week! I ran about 25 miles and tomorrow I have a long run in the morning. I also get to work at Bruce's mom's bakery tomorrow! They are getting slammed with graduation so they asked if I would come in and help!

Have a great evening!

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