Thursday, May 12, 2011


So currently my life is being a little crazy.. for a few reasons..

1. I am trying to decided if I should change my major from RD to just Nutrition in Community with a minor in exercise science. I know this sounds like a big change but its really not that much of a change, most of the classes transfer.

I am thinking about doing this because I have been unhappy with all of the "What if's?" in my future job as an RD. What if I don't get an internship? What if I don't pass my RD exam? Its just a lot to handle, and I feel I would be happier with doing something with food and exercise and not just food

Any suggestions?

2. I hated how this post is all about negativity, I have been really trying to change that in my life, I am normally a very postivie person, but all the stress is making me negative, so I am sorry in advance.

So after the two weekends of races I have become even more addicted to running! I have been entering races like crazy! I am even on the fence about the Columbus Half Marathon in October! I would love to run this, but I know how bad my knee problem can get. Decisions, decisions!

Yesterday I decided to do a tempo run at the pace in which I would like to have my min/miles down to, so I ran at a 7:50 m/m for 2 miles and then dropped it to about 8:30 for the last 1.5 miles. I was pleased with myself (I feel really accomplished when I am sweaty!)

I also rode my bike to the gym yesterday, save on gas, what can a girl do when the gas is 4.15!!! I literally spend all of my work money on food and gas. :(

So I have been kind of boring as of late when it comes to this, BUT have no fear my last two meals have been creative! Dinner last night was tuna, greens, pineapple, tomatoes (it was so good I didn't take a picture!)

Lunch today was yummy too! It was a veggie wrap (lettuce, tomato, carrots, balsamic salad spray on a whole wheat wrap!)  (again too good to take a picture)

So life is pretty cool sometimes and sometimes it can just be way too stressful! I hope everyone has a stress-less day!

Question: What are some ways in which you stress-less??

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