Monday, May 9, 2011

Beer Club!

Well what a weekend! It was a great weekend for many, many reasons.


Bruce and I went to Whole Foods for dinner! This is my all time favorite place to eat! I love that you are able to walk around with alcohol, eat and just have fun! This is just how Bruce and I enjoy to spend our Fridays, eating and relaxing and just catching up on the week. ( We are not normally able to see each other a lot during the week, so it was so nice to catch up!)

After Whole Foods we shopped around at the shops up in Sawmill. I had a $50 gift card to Dicks, so I was really excited to spend it.

But.. I found nothing. Boo:(

We called it an early night because Saturday I had a race and Bruce had early morning tennis. But spending that time with him was so great:)


Well my day started at 6:15 and started with me ripping my room apart because I could not find my running watch for the race! I normally get everything ready the day before but I really was not that serious about this race so I figured I would be fine.

So basically I ran with out a watch but obviously it didn't affect my run!! I PR'd!!!!!!

It was a beautiful course on St. Mary's lake, the sun coming up, the trees, the sun, the lake, the trees! I could not get enough of it at all! So I really was not paying that much attention, and then I realized that I was actually in 3rd place for the women!

This made me start busting ass! I did not want to come in 4th, 5th, nothing but 3rd! The girls in 1st and 2nd were way to far considering I was just leisure running.

So as I was coming down the home stretch I saw the time and I was shocked! 24:16!! That is a 7:50 min mile!! What the heck! When did I start becoming a runner??? I was soooo happy with myself, with my legs, with everything!

So after that run, I stayed around with the people I came with and I was forced to go up and get my picture taken and my name announced. I was so embarrassed!

Saturday Night

My friends and I went out for Dakota's 21st birthday!! We went to this place called Mellow Mushroom. YUMMY!! Its basically pizza and salads and beer! But it was all really fresh and cool, so this is like my new favorite place.

And they have a beer club! I read this on Carrot N' Cake once, but I never knew we had one in Ohio! So I will join when I go back with Bruce.

I had two beers,  A Michelob Ultra and a Raspberry (something) Dog. They were both really good! The Dog one I will for sure try again!

After dinner we went and saw Something Borrowed, it was really cute, and a good way to spend $5:) And we cut Dakota's birthday cake in the car. Candles lit.. in the car.. did not have a knife so just used the backside of a fork:)

Mother's day.. and I was sick.. so I did not go to Kentucky with the family so we celebrated on Monday! So my mom got an extra long Mother's Day, which I think she enjoyed. I also ran outside but only 4.5 miles it was really hot and my stomach was not in the best of shape but after all the cake and beer I had to run! And looked what happend...
Gross I know.. runner toes.. super sexy


This post is getting long so we celebrated Mother's Day in Ohio and I ran 4 miles and had a yummy dinner of black beans and whole grain rice!

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