Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fresh, Frozen, Jelly

So I have not written in a few days for a few reasons but mostly because I have been so busy with school and work that I have not been able to think about anything other than these two things:(
So I will not allow this post to deal anything with those two evil words!

However, I will discuss something that happened to me at school.
I was sitting outside of class on Tuesday and this girl was talking (super loud, so of course I had to eves dropJ) she was talking about how annoying her roommate was, typical right! Well she made the comment that her roommate has an eating disorder and the girl she was talking to responded, “too much food or too little?”
This really took me back and made me realize that eating disorders are not just for girls/boys who don’t eat, but also for those who eat too much. Sometimes I feel that people who eat so much just don’t have self-control, but I realized they might also have a problem, just like I had. Instead of finding comfort in not eating, they find comfort in eating.
In all of my nutrition classes we learn about obesity and being overweight but I never really thought about these people having an issue.
But it makes sense, right?
I just thought this was something to talk about and to discuss a little further, because it is not really talked about… at all.

Question: Have you ever thought about this before? Do you know anyone that has an issue like this?  
Breakfast this morning was the usual… oatmeal, cinnamon and blueberries. I have been experimenting however with fresh, frozen, and jelly.
Jelly: I had blueberry jelly 3 days ago, it was good in the oatmeal but it made it kind of chucky and it never really melted. It was also “processed tasting.” Am I becoming food snob?! It’s just that my body really likes natural and I think it can tell the difference between natural and unnatural. I swear I am not a food snob!

Frozen: I love these the most!! They melt into the oatmeal because I do not defreeze them, but I do have to heat up the oatmeal more because the berries are so much colder and make the oatmeal colder that much faster. The berries really do melt in the oatmeal! They even turn the oatmeal purple! Nice color change from brown in the morning!

PS-- I have no fun pictures, tomorrow I will though!! 

Fresh: I know I just went on the “food snob” rampage but the fresh in the oatmeal was just not the same, I don’t know why but the berries just didn’t act the same way in the oatmeal as the frozen berries did. Any ideas why? They never really melted, and they were just there, and I really had to think about each bit and tell myself this bite has a blueberry. Is that werid??

So this was a fun experiment to run, next week I think I am going to try toast and different toppings with my toast; I am starting to get burnt out on OATMEAL!

Have a great and healthy day!

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