Sunday, May 1, 2011

Flying Pig= Runner's High!!


Yesterday was the Flying Pig 10K in Cincinnati! Let me tell you the race was so great! The people in Cincy really know how to organize a race really well! So here is a quick recap of the events!

1) I won 50 dollars for Dicks Sporting goods at the P&G Health Expo by spinning a wheel!

2) I almost knocked over of the Cincy's beloved "flying pigs"
The pig has running shoes on!!
3) Bruce and I walked along the river after in expo for what felt like miles to meet my dad at his office. I was more tired after this than running the race!

I did not run across this.. but I love this bridge!

What a cutie!

4) Saturday morning I was not nervous at all, seeing all the runners almost made me cry! Seeing so many other people trying to be healthy and live a good strong life made me really emotional! It was so great to be running with some elite runners and to experience this feeling in such a great city. At one point during the race I paused my music and just listened to everyone running next me, the sound of the gym shoes against the pavement is my new favorite sound! This part made me kinda of get teary eyed as well, why am I become so emotional????

5) After the race I had no idea what my time was so I tweeted @FlyingPigMarathon and they tweeted me back the website and where I could find my time and place. The reason I did not know my time was because my running watch did not start when I hit start, so I was like 5 minutes off:(.

6) I ROCKED the course! First off my dad told me "oh this course is pretty flat". The course was anything but flat! It was so hilly, people were stopping left and right all the time because of all the hills.. but i never stopped once!! I was really proud of this as well! I kept telling myself their is always a down side to every hill, and I really think this got me through all of them!

7) In the end... I finished in 53:00 min (8:33 min miles!) Soo excited.. In my division (18- 24) I placed 17th out of 169 women.. and out of the women running I placed 80th out of 1428 and out of all the runners I placed 277 out of 2425 people (top 10%!!!). I am on a runners high right now let me tell you!


6) Saturday was such a great day and I am really proud of myself, I have this runners high right now so I am off to run with Bruce and after running its studying my little heart out for a HUGE midterm on Tuesday! Have a great healthy happy day!!

Question: What is something that you have done (running or not), that has made you so proud of yourself??

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