Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Run.. Joey.. Run!

Hi! So this week has been a great week! I have been preparing for my race on Saturday by light work outs and one long run. Today was a great day because I actually ran 5.5 miles in....... 8 m/m pace!! I was so excited I almost started crying on the track. Over the past few years, I have shaved a lot of time off of my miles, but today was just one of those good leg days, and I just glided through like nobody's business! After the run I worked on my abs, I normally do this after a longer run because I feel after moving that much the muscles would love to be pulled and stretched! Ahh.. it felt so good:)
Last night for dinner it was kinda of a quick throw together, actually it was so quick I forgot to take a picture! I had 6 egg whites, (tomatoes with the eggs), whole wheat toast, grapes and oranges! I love fruit so much, I actually had a craving for fruit the other day, I guess that I good, because I have decided (well about a month ago), I decided to give up sweets. Let me tell you...I feel so much better, my running has really improved and I feel better inside. Now do not get me wrong I love sweets so much, and I will probably go back to them once summer hits BUT.. I just found out that I am lactose intolerance :(

.. no more ice cream, Greek yogurt.. cottage cheese.. I am so sad right now typing this I can not think of any other things that I can not eat. It stinks! I had been noticing that I was having some type of an intolerance to something and I could not figure it out, and then I cut out the dairy and my health concerns were solved. I hate it.. but I do feel a lot better! So for right now.. NO SWEETS!
In other news.. I am getting really antcy about graduating! I am  a junior this year, but just 3 more quarters until the real world, and I can not wait at all! I am even trying to graduate sooner by taking summer classes this year, I think I can give up one summer! Ahh! Anyways I have a bunch of HN 310 homework calling my name! Have a happy, healthy day!

Question: Do you have any intolerance? How do you deal with it?

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