Monday, April 18, 2011

Break.. FAST!

So this mornings breakfast was not one of the best breakfast, an apple with plain Greek yogurt and a cup of green tea, I usually make a much better breakfast! So I decided to write about one of my favorite times of the day! This post is all about being easy and fast in the morning to get you out of the door!
Most mornings I am up by 7 am (sometimes 6), and I am normally super hungry, these recipes really hit the spot!


Oatmeal is my favorite food for many reasons, one of them being it really does fill me up and allows me to stay full until lunch time. The reason I put three blanks is because I normally like to put 3 healthy things in the mix!...
I just use quick oat, and put them in the microwave for 2.5 minutes and let them get all fluffy then add the ingredients... ta-da! So yummy and nutritious!

Egg White Scramble

My second all time favorite meal, I normally eat this meal if I want to get some good protein in and when I do not need to out the door for class.

I first take either 4-6 egg whites (depending on the morning). I always use fresh eggs, the egg whites in the container I have found to be kinda fake tasting. I heat these up in a skillet with a little Pam Cooking Spray. Once the egg begins to coagulate (fancy word I know I just learned it though in my Human Nutrition 314 class hehe), I add in turkey, salsa, peppers, onions, and a splash of skim milk to make them creamy! I am not a big cheese fan but I sure that would taste good too! (just make sure to use low fat cheese!). I let this all merry together for about 3 more minutes and pop them on to a plate with an whole white English muffin a some type of fruit! Quick, easy, Delicious breakfast!

Greek Cereal
A few months ago I decided to try Greek Yogurt.. let me tell you.. best switch of my eating career! It was so thick and creamy, its almost dare I say.. better than ice cream!! So of course with this new obsession I need to put it in everything. The first stop was breakfast, I really enjoyed it in my   Oatmeal, _____,_____,_____. But I also wanted to try it in some cold cereal like Kashi Strawberry Fields, yummy:) This was a brilliant idea if I do say so myself! Eating cold cereal this way actually held me over until lunch,  unlike cereal and milk. So all I do is take a Dannon Greek Yogurt Plain and add about 1 cup of whole grain cereal, mix and devour!

This is just a few of the Recipes that I have come up with, and I will be sharing more in the future!

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