Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vera Bradley Weekend = Success!

So as you all know this weekend was Vera Bradley weekend! Before the weekend started I ran 4 miles on the track at the RPAC. The RPAC is the workout facility at OSU. It is an amazing gym to workout in and I love every single floor in the place!

So on friday evening my friend Betsy and I drove from Ohio to Fort Wayne, Indiana. On the way we stopped at Subway, I got just the veggie sub with no cheese, it was not the best sub I have had from there, so I decided to eat my grapes that I packed. And I ate those in no time! I LOVE GRAPES!! We arrived at Betsy's friends Jill's, Sister house, Julie at about 9 ish. That was a mouth full!

Julie's house was really cute and it was the perfect size. Julie's husband Scott is a pro body builder so that was kinda cool:). We basically chilled for a little bit and then watched Jill do Zumba. Zumba is not my thing, but I can understand why a lot of people would like Zumba because it feels like your just dancing, not working out, but you are working out by dancing haha. I though we would go to bed early because we were waking up at 5 AM, but we all got into bed around midnight, not what I am use to at all, but it was still fun!

So we got all ready to leave at 5 and showed up at Vera around 6:30 ish. This was a perfect time, the doors did not open until 8 but we were able to talk and learn a little about each other. Then the doors opened and we rushed in!!!

I bought and got a lot of really great deals. I would have to say the best deals were a bag for 30 when it was really 79, and a bag for 10 when it was really 48! I also got a cover for my laptop, it is soo pretty! After the madness of the sale we went out to lunch to just Bob Evans. I had not been their in a long time so it was kinda nice that they had some healthy options on the menu. I got the small whole grain pancakes, with egg lites, and fresh fruit. Very yummy!
This women was juggling Vera Bradley bags!

The long long line to get in!

This is an eye glass case!

Great headband for running!

A lunch box, for all of those healthy lunches!

This was 79 and I got it for 30!

This was 48 and I got it for 10

Once done with lunch we sorted through all of our Vera findings and just relaxed at Julia's house. Betsy and I left around 6 and when I got home went straight to bed! I though this afternoon I would run because yesterday was my day off but the sale was anything but a day off! I walked all day and was so tired today! So I am just working on homework this afternoon and celebrating my dad's birthday! Have a happy healthy Sunday!


  1. Ooh that eyeglasses case is super cute!! Just found your blog and so glad i did! love it:)