Sunday, April 24, 2011

Date night!

So last night was mine and Bruce's date night. I few weeks ago it was my birthday and for my birthday day Bruce got me tickets to see Mary Poppins!! I love musicals, and this was an off Broadway production, so I was really excited! Let me tell you.. it did not disappoint at all! The sets were amazing the voices were amazing the dancing was amazing.. it was just one amazing show!! Before we went to the show however we went to the Spaghetti Warehouse, one of Bruce's and mines favorite place to go to! our server was not the best in the world and Bruce said his food was not the best, so he basically ate the 2.5 loaves of bread and butter and I had the spaghetti and grilled veggies, mine was pretty good, not the best food from there though.

After dinner we had some time to kill and Bruce wanted to walk around the State House, which is right across the street from the Ohio Theater, so we walked around their and looked at the statues and the beautiful flowers! The Ohio Theater is also one of our favorite places to go see a show because the inside is so amazing, I can not even describe to you the beautiful ceiling, I was not able to take pictures of the place, but if you are ever in Columbus I would totally recommended going to see a show, just so you are able to see the Theater, it is literally breathtaking!

During intermission at the show I got some roasted almonds.. they were really good! I had never had any before I think it might be my new go to snack! Overall last night was so much fun, and I really enjoy date night and spending time with Bruce!

Since this weekend is Easter my family has the tradition of dying eggs! It was a lot of fun! Everyone this year helped dye them.. even my Grandpa! I did an Ohio State egg, and my Grandpa (who bleeds Kentucky blue), did and UK egg. Its a little fun rival that we have within our family, so it was fun to see him dye a blue egg! My sister Meredith really is the art person in the family in the family so she really went to town and did some AMAZING egg dying! All in all yesterday was a great day! And now I am just waiting patiently on my moms wonderful green beans for Easter dinner! Have a great Easter!


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