Monday, March 28, 2011

Flying Pig's

So as I have said before I am very active but the one in which I have the most passion for is running. Yesterday afternoon I signed up for my first 10K!! I have done other runs before but never at this distance, so of course I am super pumped! The race is called the Flying Pig in Cincinnati, OH. I run all the time so I feel like I should be prepared for the run but for some reason I am kind of nervous because it is less than a month away. At the same time though I feel this is okay because then that means I get to try harder in a shorter amount of time, and I work better under pressure anyways!
Other than this exciting news, I have nothing really going on. I plan on working out today around 5 because today is the first day of class:( and then this evening I am going over to friend Betsy's. She was in DC this weekend and somehow she got a dozen cupcakes from the show DC cupcakes on TLC and so I am going to go try some! Have a great afternoon!

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