Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Salted Carmel Pretzel

Good Morning! I am in a great mood this morning, last night my friends Betsy and Dakota got together for a cupcake party! Betsy went to DC this weekend and brought back cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes. They were sooooo good!!! I tried the Salted Carmel Pretzel. Enough said.. it was sooo good!!! Before going over to Betsy's house I went to the Y and ran, in preparation for the Flying Pig! I was planning on running on 4 miles, but instead my IT band decided to play games and I was only able to run 3:( So the last mile I "ran" on the elliptical. This took me about 10 min.
Question: If you set a goal and cant reach it what do you do instead?
So yesterday my first class went really well, Microbiology 509, not the most fun but interesting all the same! Today my class is Human Nutrition 313, which I am really excited for because its about food from all countries!
I again plan on running about 5 o'clock tonight, and this time, cross my fingers, I can run the 4 miles with no interruptions from the IT band!

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