Friday, April 15, 2011

Vera Bradley Weekend!

So this weekend is the official Vera Bradley Outlet Sale! My friend Betsy and I go every year to Fort Wayne, Indiana, we spend way to much money but have sooo much fun!! This year Betsy's friend from Asbury is coming along with us as well, her name is Jill and I guess she really like Zumba so tonight she is going to teach us some Zumba moves! I have never tried Zumba before so I am really excited to try it! Along with Zumba today I am scheduled to run 4.5 miles with hills included at around 4 o'clock this afternoon. My afternoon runs have been going pretty well, yesterday I had a really bad cramp and had to stop at 2.5 :(. I think this happened because I had some pineapple about an hour before I went running and it never really digetsted. I know that I normally can not eat fruit beofre I run because it has a lot of fiber and water, but I only had about 5 pieces so I dont know why I cramped up so bad. Anyways, I found out that a small bowl of cheeries and a little milk really helps me power through my runs, so I think I will be sticking to that snack for now on!

Question: What do you eat before you workout to make sure you have enough energy? 

Below are some pictures from last years Vera Bradley Outlet Sale, and I did not have blog at the time so this years pictures will be much better! Have a happy and healthy day today!

Looking super tired, we left at 5, and got there at 7, waited in line until 10:30! This year we have a game plan!

Crazy women!!

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